Restaurants in Barcelona

Restaurants in Barcelona you have to visit

Eating out in Barcelona can be difficult if you don’t have the energy to go from place to place before you decide which restaurants to eat at. There is so many choises and you really want to avoid the tourist traps where you pay too much for food that really isn’t “that great”.

Here is a list of different kinds of awesome restaurants in Barcelona, all depending on what you feel like having for dinner today.


These restaurants in Barcelona are sorted in three different price categories.
€€€ = 30+ euros   /  €€ = 10 – 30 euros   /   = Below 10 euros

Tapas restaurants in Barcelona


Mirablau, Plaça del Doctor Andreu
A place with an amazing view of the best city in the world. Have a seat on the terrace and enjoy. Highly recommended!

Must try: The croquetas!

Vivanda, Carrer Major de Sarrià, 134
Private terrace shielded from all the city noise. Relaxed atmosphere, excellent service and good food. More an experience than a restaurant visit.

Must try: Wine and iberian ham!



 El Xampanyet, Carrer de Montcada, 22
This places have such a fantastic atmosphere. Most of time it is busy and crowded with people so if you like more calm restaurants this may not be for you. A genuine restaurant and homemade cava. A bit pricey.

Must try: The cava!


Elsa y Fred, Carrer del Rec Comtal, 11
Friendly staff, cozy and fresh restaurant. Always crowded so you may want to book a table or prepare to wait. Elsa y Fred have some of the most creative tapas that you will not be able to find anywhere else in Barcelona.

Must try: The patatas bravas!

Blai 9, Carrer de Blai, 9
Small restaurant and always busy. In other words, not the place for a calm and peaceful dinner, but that’s just part of the charm! Highly recommended!

Must try: If possible, all of the tapas. If not, anything you want to! You will not be dissapointed.


La Esquinita de Blai, Carrer de Blai, 17
Fantastic tapas, good service. Crowded and great atmosphere. get there early, at least around 7 PM, have a seat on the terrace and enjoy!

Must try: The mojitos!


El tomas de Sarria, Carrer Major de Sarrià, 49
The place doesn’t look like much, but their patatas bravas is the best in Barcelona!

Must try: The patatas bravas!


 Montaditos, Plaça d’Urquinaona, 1
Small sandwitches with a side of chips, some days for only 1 euro each. Busy with a lot of noise and not really impressive food, but to come here with a bunch of friends is always a hit!

Must try: The beer with a sandwich. Or 2-3-4-5-how many you want. You choose from 100 different ones.

El 58, Rambla del Poblenou, 58
Relaxed environment and good tapas. The dishes of the day are written on a board instead of getting a menu. A very friendly and nice place!

Must try: The berenjena con miel!

Catalan restaurants in Barcelona


Alkimia, Ronda de Sant Antoni, 41
Luxurious interior, impressive food, good service.



La Llar de L’All I Oli, Carrer de la Conquista 87,
Badalona Rustic and traditional Catalan decor with lots of art to rest your eyes on. Excellent service, impressive food. Calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Must try: The pan con tomate and the conejo!

Moll Vell, Carrer de Francesc Mreacià 102,
Badalona Cosy and uniquely decorated with wild patterns and neon lights. Feels like a club instead of a restaurant, which of course can be both good and bad. Amazing food and okay service.

Must try: The meat plate! Share with a friend or partner.


El Nou de Granados, Carrer d’Enric Granados, 9
Oh, the decor! It is such a nice place! Interesting dishes,
unique flavors and nice set up. Slow service but so worth it!

Must try: The tuna and the shrimp!


South American restaurants in Barcelona


Buenos Aires, Carrer de València, 189
One of the best restaurants in Barcelona!
Excellent service and high standard food.
If you like meat, this is the place to go!

Must try: The meat! Everything is amazing!


Rosa Negra, Via Laietana, 46
Cosy place. Slow service but really good food. Cheap drinks.

Must try: The burrito de cochinita!

Foc, Passeig Joan Borbó Comte Barceló, 66
Not very pricy but good service. Always busy so prepare to wait to get seated.

Must try: The nachos!

Tacos Tacos, Carrer de Tamarit, 85
Busy with high volume. Not the best place to bring the entire family maybe. Order mojitos, tequila and rounds and rounds of tacos!

Must try: The mojitos and all the tacos!

Rekons, Comte d’Urgell, 32
Absolute favorite! It’s a challenge to get seated on the terrace, but worth the wait. BEST OF THE BEST empanadas in this amazing city and their sallads are impressive! Highly recommended!

Must try: Order a few empanadas, find your favorite. The berenjena picante and carne picante always works! And Mortiz beer!


Indian restaurants in Barcelona


Bembi, Carrer del Consell de Cent, 377
Tasty traditional indian food, welcoming staff

Must try: The chicken tikka masala!

Rangoli, Passeig Don Joan Borbó, 78
Here the decor is really nice, the service is good and the food is amazing! Really high standard.

Must try: The murgh tikka makhani!

Om India, Carrer de Floridablanca, 130
Really good food! A bit boring and cold decor but friendly service.

Must try: The cheese naan!


Asian restaurants in Barcelona


Wok Dao, Carrer de Villarroel, 1
Spacious restaurant with a cafeteria feeling over it. Buffet in the middle. Good service and truly amazing food!

Must try: Since it’s an buffet, I say TRY IT ALL!

UDON, Carrer dels Tallers, 69
Not a very cozy restaurant and you always get less food if you order food to take away, but oh heavens the food is so delicious!

Must try: The dumplings! And oh, the currys! And the wine!

Chen Ji, Carrer d’Alí Bei, 65
Bad service but fantastic food! If you think the food is
more important than the service you have to come here!

Must try: Fried rice noodles and the pato!


Italian restaurants in Barcelona


Maur, Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 9
Really good, fancy, pizza! With toppings like mozzarella, rocket, walnuts
and honey instead of, for example, cheese, ham and mushrooms.

Must try: The conejo! Or any pizza with pollo!

Mucci’s, Plaça del Sol, 1
Such tasty pizza! You can eat there, take away or order home. You can choose from a lot of different pizzas and buy either whole ones or slices.

Must try: Any pizza!

Circus, Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 40
Such a small and busy place. Always a long line of people before you. You go in, buy one or a couple of slices, depending on how hungry you are. You get to choose from five-six different pizzas and then you eat it either outside or on the go.

Must try: Any pizza!


Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona


Flax & Kale, Carrer dels Tallers, 74B
Amazing healthy food, incredible smoothies and good service! A lot of space but always full of people.

Must try: The smoothies!

Vegetalia, C/ Escudellers, 54
Creative vegetarian food, friendly service and lots of seats outside.

Must try: The green salad with watermelon!

Maoz, Carrer de Ferran, 13
You dont go here to eat at the restaurant, but instead to take away. Buffet with a lot of options and really tasty food!

Must try: The falafel!

Veggie Garden, Carrer dels Àngels, 3
Very cheap vegetarian and vegan food. And the juices are really something extra!

Must try: The juices!


Hamburger restaurants in Barcelona


Bacoa, Carrer del Judici, 15
New York style with a dark wooden bar and big solid furniture. It’s always full of people and you fill out a form with exactly what you want that you leave at the check out. Feels like a more luxurious Burger King.

Must try: Black truffle mayo!

Mamy Ildy, Carrer de Floridablanca, 148
Never disappoints! Best hamburger place in Barcelona! You choose which bread you want and how your meat should be cooked and the fries are to die for!

Must try: Mexicana burger!

Makamaka, Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 76
Busy restaurant with a simple meny, delicious burgers and good service.

Must try: Maradona burger and coctails!


Kebab/Falafel restaurants in Barcelona

Kilim, Rambla del Raval, 18
Really good rice and chicken kebab. You get a lot of food for your money here!

Must try: The chicken kebab!

Pim Pam, Carrer del Rec, 18
So many different dishes, it’s always hard to choose. So tasty!

Must try: The mixed plate with kebab and chicken!

Dionisos, Carrer dels Escudellers, 40
If you don’t care about excellent service or decor, but
rather about the tasty fast food – this is the place for you!

Must try: The gyros!

Brunch restaurants in Barcelona


The Bagel Hood, Carrer de Ferlandina, 61
New York inspired, quaint and fresh brunch place with the best bagels!

Must try: The amazing juice and cafe con leche!

Petit Pot, Plaza de Urquinaona, 4
Also New York inspired with a retro touch. Worn down couches, brick walls and solid wood tables, and at the same time cosy acoustic music and amazing sangria de cava!

Must try: Sangria de cava and the carrot cake!

Marmalade, Carrer de la Riera Alta, 4-6
Cosy atmosphere with fantastic drinks, especially Bling bling. Really good food, especially the pulled pork sandwitch and the chicken wings.

Must try: Bling bling and the chicken wings!

Brunch & Cake, Carrer Enric Granados, 19
Unique food. Super fresh decor and a welcoming atmosphere. Friendly staff. Really good juices and smoothies.

Must try: The smoothies!



TOP 5 Barcelona restaurants: All time favorites

Mamy Ildy (Hamburgers)

Circus (Italian)

UDON (Asian)

Rekons (South American)

Mirablau (Tapas)