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Are you a creator and would like your content featured by us ?
We love to feature awesome content. We have made it very easy for you to submit your content to us but have some rules that we follow when we choose content to be featured.

  1. Your content such as photo/video/article needs to be about Barcelona
  2. The content you submit must be yours
  3. If photo & video with a person in it face shouldn’t be visible.
  4. No black & white photos

To be featured on our Instagram post photos/videos that follow rules above and include hashtag #BCNjourney. We constantly look for beautiful content on #BCNjourney and post those we like.

To send in an article click here to go to our contact page and submit it through our contact form.
If you have an Instagram account or blog please include it at the bottom of your article you provide and we will include that information in your article in case we choose to publish it.