The vegan friendly city Barcelona

The vegan friendly city Barcelona

This jamón-loving city is not exactly famous for being a green eats-goldmine (but on the other hand, which big city in the world is?). However, this is 2018 and we are happy to let you know that Barcelona is, not unlike most large cities in Europe, in transition towards becoming more and more vegan friendly.

This is in fact really good news, since being vegan for such a long time has meant going to the closest market to buy fresh vegetables, grains, nuts and fruits for you to bring home, prepare and cook yourself. Or ordering meat dishes at restaurants and having to specify exactly what you don’t want in your meal (“I’ll take the pasta carbonara without the cream, egg, meat, and oh, if you could be so kind and boil some rice noodles for me instead, since I don’t eat pasta made from eggs?”). Ugh…
Luckily, people are finally starting to realize that veganism isn’t just some temporary diet. In Barcelona there actually are quite a few restaurants with veg-options or with completely vegan menus, many of which are worth more than one visit. The problem with vegan restaurants though; where the heck are they? And which restaurants are good enough to pay a visit?

If you are vegan and new in Barcelona, if you want to impress a partner or friend you know would appreciate vegan friendly restaurant, or if you just want to try something different (and delicious!)… Please sit back, relax and let us help you find your new favorite vegan friendly restaurant in Barcelona.


Below is a list of the best vegan friendly restaurants in Barcelona!
( €€€ = Above 30 euros / €€ = 10 – 30 euros / € = Below 10 euros )

Scroll to the bottom of the article to see all the restaurants on a map to see which one is closest to you.


Vegetarian and vegan food made with ecological products.
All their food is worth tasting, but if you don’t have the stomach to fit it all, then try one of their burgers, the thai curry or simply one of their many amazing desserts.
Address: Emili Vendrell 1
Price: €€

Flax & Kale

Healthy, delicious flexitarian food. 80% of their menu is plant based. This fantastic restaurant truly has a lot to offer and we do recommend you going here more than once, just to try more of the various dishes. The pastas are to die for!
Address: Carrer dels Tallers 74 B
Price: €€€


Mostly organic vegetarian and vegan dishes made with love. Their menu changes according to season, so if you live in or visit Barcelona often, make sure to go here at least a few times per year. You won’t be disappointed!
Address: Carrer del Palau 5
Price: €€


This original restaurant has been around since the 1980’s, which makes it one of the oldest vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Barcelona.
Address: Carrer Pintor Fortuny 25
Price: €€

Veggie Garden

Indian vegetarian and vegan food. This is a great place for when you are really hungry, since the portions are huge.
Tip! Try as many of their sauces as possible, they are all delicious!
Address: Carrer dels Àngels 3
Price: €€


Natural and amazingly good food (and service!). They have pictures of the dishes they serve in their menu, so take your time drooling over all the options before making up your mind. Any rice dish is a great choice at Vegesana.
Address: Carrer d’Aribau 14
Price: €€

Petit Brot

Raw, vegan, ecological and simple! Perfect for eating there or to take away. Their smoothies and cold-pressed juices are incredible, especially with one of their raw main courses.
Address: Carrer del Dr. Dou 10
Price: €€


Vegetarian and vegan with vegetables according to season. Impressive selection of beer and a menu to make your mouth water.
Address: Carrer de les Basses de Sant Pere 10
Price: €€

Cat Bar

A bar with cheap vegetarian and vegan food. Try one of their awesome burgers, like “the black cat”, and a hummus to share.
Address: Carrer de la Bòria 17
Price: €€

Dolce Pizza y los Veganos

Vegetarian and vegan food with MANY different options, such as vegan pizzas(!) and pastas.
Address: Carrer d’Hipolit Lazaro 34
Price: €€


Maoz has the absolute best falafel in Barcelona! They have a cheap and simple buffet where you choose exactly what you want in your pita bread or bowl.
Address: Carrer de Ferran 13
Price: €

See all the restaurants from the list on a map

Hopefully we helped you to find a new favorite vegan friendly place in Barcelona.

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