Catalan food and drinks in a restaurant

Catalan food and drinks

Catalan food is famous for mixing products that naturally wouldn’t go hand in hand. Like for example seafood and chicken. Sauces are much more important in Catalan food than in Spanish. And prepare to have olive oil in or with almost all Catalan dishes. We have now created a list of Catalan food.

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A white and creamy garlic based sauce, good together with meat, fried potato and/or grilled vegetables.

Pa amb tomàquet
A simple starter or side dish to any dinner. Toasted bread drizzled with olive oil, rubbed with garlic and with the flesh of a tomato.

Roasted onions, aubergines and red peppers, cut into strips seasoned with olive oil and salt.

Long and sweet spring onions cooked over hot coals and served with a romesco sauce.

Botifarra amb mongetes
A simple dish of fried pork sausages and white beans.

A garlic and almond stew with slices of beef.

Crema Catalana
A classic Catalan dessert. It is similar to crème brûlée, but the cream is smoother and instead of vanilla it is flavored with lemon zest and cinnamon.

Mel i mato
A Catalan dessert made from goat’s or sheep’s milk, served with honey and nuts.

Cava is sparkling wine, produced the same way as champagne, but with different grapes.
Cava is made in Catalonia.
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