Barcelona - Five beautiful videos of Barcelona that will take your breath away

Five beautiful videos of Barcelona that will take your breath away

Below you will find five beautiful videos of Barcelona that will show you Barcelona from every angle. These videos will make you experience the streets and life of this city.

This is one of my favorite cities in Europe. Not only does it have wonderful architecture, relaxing beaches and beautiful mountains but it will take your breath away. If you haven’t visited Barcelona yet then i really hope that you will take the opportunity to visit this wonderful city this year.

Cinematic video of Barcelona

In this this first of five videos videos of Barcelona we get to enjoy the city in a cinematic way.
Published by Greig Hutchison Visuals on YouTube

Barcelona attractions in 4K

This video that is almost 4minutes long shows footage of Barcelona and some of the attractions of the city.

In the city of Barcelona

‘Barcelona 2017 – Spotlife goes Travel’ video shows Team Spotlife’s adventure

Cinematic Video 2 of Barcelona Spain

Another cinematic video that may have too many transitions and be a bit too fast but it shows some of the life and activities in Barcelona that other videos don’t.

Barcelona through a lens

In this video we get to follow a journey of a girl exploring Barcelona

Bonus: Barcelona and Catalonia

This video which seems to be filmed with DJI and GoPro seems is both of the city and outside of city in Barcelona.

Do you know any other beautiful videos of Barcelona that deserve to be here

Feel free to leave a comment and let us know in case you know of some other beautiful videos of Barcelona that deserve a place here too. They don’t have to be on YouTube and can be on Vimeo too or other video platforms as long they are public.

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