Bars in Barcelona

Bars in Barcelona you should visit

Nightlife in Barcelona start around 10 pm. If you are out to party all night you first go to one of a bars in Barcelona for a preparty, later between midnight and 1 am you go to a club. The bars in Barcelona close between 1 and 3 am, depending on which day of the week it is. You don’t dress up really fancy unless it is a really posh bar.

Many bars in Barcelona only accept cash, so make sure you have some with you on your night out!



Les Gens que J’aime, Carrer de València, 286

You enter a tiny door, go down creaky stairs and get into such a small, but oh so cozy dark bar with all the walls filled with old paintings and good music playing. Sometimes on the weekends an old lady does hand readings and tarot.

To drink: The beer for 3 euro.
Minus: Not really the place to go if you want coctails or fancy drinks.

Boca chica, Passatge de la Concepció, 12

Go here any day of the week! The atmosphere is relaxed and nice and there is different floors to explore. The decor is really unique and there is a lot to rest your eyes at. Start out with drinks in the bar at the second floor and then dance along to the DJ when evening turns into night.

To drink: Brockman’s! Or beer, since the coctails all cost 15-20 euro each.
Minus: The prices.

Ambar, Carrer de Sant Pau, 77

A shabby, retro and totally charming bar at the end of Rambla del Raval, with music you will recognize from old movies and comfortable seats before estetics.

To drink: Most of the coctails are 6,5 euro, but they are worth it!

Minus: The cozy window seats only have room for two people, so as soon as another friend joins in you will have to move either inside (to big sofas and string lights) or to the terrace across the street (under the palm trees). Not very bad, in other words.

Milans, Carrer de Milans, 7

Small bar with an amazingly welcoming atmosphere. Erotic slides on the walls, soft chairs and always busy on both floors. Cheap coctails for 3-4 euro.

To drink: Shots or mojitos!
Minus: No terrace.

33/45, Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 4

Cozy doesn’t even begin to describe this safe haven of good music, mismatched furniture and strong caipirinhas. It is always very busy, but you should definetly see this place if you don’t care about sitting down the first minutes of your visit. The atmosphere is great, they are open until late nights, the drink list is long and the prices are okay. A coctail is about 5 euros.

To drink: Even though they are super strong, the caiprinhas are very good. Especially the second one!
Minus: They don’t have a terrace.

El Bosc de les Fades, Museo de Cera, Passatge de la Banca, 7

Going to this bar is like walking into a grown up version of any fairytale. It is an enchanted forest with thunders and lightning which creates this unique and magical atmosphere. Amazing!

To drink: The 4 euro sangria or beer!
Minus: This bar is very expensive, so you don’t come here to stay very long.

Espit chupitos, Carrer d’Aribau, 77

Small long bar with blue UV-lights and loud music. Always super crowded, but the bartenders are efficient and you never have to wait very long before you get to order. This place is a great start to any night out!

To drink: Order some of the 200 shots they have here for 2 euro each. Just pick from the big board on the wall and pray it is a good one.
Minus: You really don’t have a clue which shots are good and which ones are shit, so it’s a bit of gambling!

Foc, Passeig Joan Borbó Comte Barceló, 66

International lounge bar with cozy decor, good coctails and amazing DJ:s! The perfect place to start any friday night! Later at night it turns into a club with a house party feeling.

To drink: The margaritas for 8,5 euro!
Minus: The prices are a bit out there, talking it´s one of the bars in Barcelona.

L’Ovella Negra, Calle de les Sitges, 5

Cave-like spacious bar with pool tables and big long tables. To come here with a lot of people is perfect, and make sure to get here early so you actually get a table.

To drink: Order with your friends and get a tap of sangria or beer along with popcorn. Then order a few bottles of panther milk for 10 euro each and do some shots! Mmm.
Minus:This place is always busy. So much noise you don’t even think about which kind of music they play here.

La taberna del Espit, Carrer Aribau, 81

A loud and busy bar with lots of space and seats, but always so full of people. You get popcorn if you buy the beer in big taps and they have beer pong that you can play with your friends as long as you come there early, while there is still space to move around.

To drink: Make your own drink! You pay 3,5 euro and get to make your own drink, from everything they have in the bar!
Minus: You always lose your friends somewhere, because it is so many people.

L’Antic Teatre, Carrer de Verdaguer i Callís, 12

May not only be one of the nicest bars in Barcelona but in the world too! Sit outside next to a big tree decorated with lights in bird cages hung up in the branches and enjoy the cozy atmosphere. It feels like being in some kind of garden party. Always super crowded, so get there before dark if you want a good seat!

To drink: Cava for 2,5 euro!
Minus: Don’t put your bag on the ground and don’t come here with white shoes. The ground is very dirty.

BB+, Carrer del Rosselló, 164

Bar with two floors, looks like a cafeteria with long tables. Perfect for when you are going out in big groups.

To drink: The BIG drinks! For about 10 euro you can get about a liter of any drink in a enormous plastic cup. Mojitos, beer, rom and coke, sangria. Anything you want, but make sure you do want a lot of it. The bar has a small terrace, but they close it around midnight. Always crowded, going from the bar to your table can take 10 minutes just because the place is so packed.
Minus: So loud you will have trouble hearing what your friends are saying.

Milk, Carrer Gignàs, 21

Looks fancy from the outside, but actually isn’t very expensive. A coctail here is 5 euro! They have a living room atmosphere going on, with big sofas and cozy lights.

To drink: The berry caipirinha!
Minus: Not the best service in the world.

Lime House, Carrer dels Carders, 31

Spacious place with and only red lights to split the dark. If you didn’t have time to eat before you came here, don’t worry; the food is really good! The music is often so loud you can barely hear what your company says, even though they are right next to you.

To drink: The mojitos! You come here for the 3,5 euro – oh so strong – mojitos.
Minus: Always crowded so sometimes you have to wait outside for a little while before they let you in. They only accept cash payments.

Barceló Raval, Rambla del Raval, 17-21

Round roof terrace with a bar and pool, bar chairs and sofas. 360-degree view over Barcelona. This is a bar where you go to for a afternoon drink to see a beautiful sunset, not to party.

To drink: Every drink you will get in a plastic glass or cup, which feels a bit childish. The fruity wine for 6 euro is good.
Minus: Not very good music.

La Isabela Terraza, La Rambla, 109

Roof terrace with a breathtaking and amazing view! Luxury overflow in both the view and the decor. Good atmosphere and not too pricy, considering it is one of the best roof top bars in the city.

To drink: The 4 euro wine!
Minus: The service can be rather slow, so we recommend ordering and paying at the bar, if you don’t mind the risk of waiting, that is.

Leave a comment below if you yourself know of some bars in Barcelona that should absolutely be on this list.