Spanish food and drinks

Spanish food and drinks

One thing that is important to remember about Spanish food in Barcelona is that most food here is not Spanish. This is because among locals Barcelona is not considered a part of Spain. Instead, Barcelona is considered the capital of Catalonia, which truly shows in the food being served. Of course, all of these typically Spanish dishes are amazing, as long as you find the right place to eat them at.

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It is fresh tomato based soup served ice cold. The soup is very easy to make yourself and usually both cheap and good to eat at restaurants. Perfect for steamy hot summer days!

Paella is a Spanish food from saffron rice dish with seafood.
If you feel the need to eat paella while in Barcelona, go to a place known for their paellas, not just any place with large pictures of food next to the entry.
One of the best places for paella in the city is Can Majó.

Tapas are small snacks that is often served along with your drink.
Barcelona is filled with sad little restaurants that serve frozen tapas and overpriced seafood for one reason only: the tourist expect tapas. But in reality, if you want really good tapas you shouldn’t have it in Barcelona or even in Catalunya. However, there are a few gems in the city and when you eat there you will never be disappointed.
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Pinchos are very much like tapas. It is a small amount of food served on or with a piece of bread.

Arroz con leche
A sweet dessert. Rice pudding with cinnamon. Served cold.

A sweet breakfast. Fried crispy pastry dipped in thick, hot chocolate.

Sangria is a drink mix of (often red) wine, brandy and fresh fruits served over ice. Sometimes it has soda water in it too. Even though it is a spanish drink, it is served at every bar in Barcelona.

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Buen provecho!